Serving in Worship

On a Sunday morning, priests may look like they are doing the work of our liturgy, but the Episcopal Church is intentional that our worship is the work of all people, lay and clergy alike.  The word "liturgy" means the "work of the people."  The Prayer Book of a priest is no different than the one in the pew. Because of this, a variety of roles exist to help the laity (non-clergy) not only participate beyond the pew, but to lead portions of our liturgy. 

  • Altar Teams

    The altar team is comprised of the clergy, acolytes, and lay eucharistic ministers.

    The acolytes of St. B's are children, youth, and adults who are trained to assist the priests during worship services on Sunday mornings. They are trained by the vergers to light and extinguish candles at the altar, as well as participate in the processional and recessional, and receive the offerings from the ushers. Lay eucharistic ministers are lay people who assist the clergy in the administration of Holy Communion. They also lead parts of the service, especially the Prayers of the People.

    Contact: Bev Mahan, Head Verger,

  • the guilds

    We have two guilds at St. B's, the altar guild and the flower guild. The altar guild is a behind the scenes ministry that helps to prepare our space for worship by setting the linens on the table. They also clean vessels, polish brass, wash linens, and fill candles for each service held at St. B's in the sanctuary. The altar guild also serves at weddings. The flower guild creates the altar arrangement for each Sunday. 


    Altar Guild: Thorunn McCoy,

    Flower Guild: Mavis Harrop,

  • lectors

    The lectors are men, women, teens, and older children who read the lessons each Sunday. 

    Contact: Beth Ramsay,

  • intercessors

    Pre-COVID, during communion at each of our Sunday services, teams of two intercessors stand behind kneelers on either side of the altar rail. They offer appropriate prayers of thanksgiving and petition and often lay hands on those who come forth. The in-person intercessors are currently on break.

    Contact: Phyllis Xanthopoulos,

  • Ushers & Greeters

    Upon arriving for worship at St. B's, the ushers and greeters are probably the first people encountered as they stand at the entrance to the sanctuary. Ushers are volunteers who hand out worship bulletins before services, assist with the offertory and communion, and occasionally pass out extra publications after services. The Greeters sole responsibility is to welcome people, especially newcomers and visitors.  


    8:30 Ushers, Tim Villager, 
    10:30 Ushers, Tom Hutchinson,

    Greeters, Sue Pichert,

  • A/V Team

    Led by part-time staff member, Matthew Shepherd, volunteer audio/visual engineers are responsible for live-streaming and sound on Sunday mornings and for other events throughout the year. Weddings and funerals are stipendiary. Experience is preferred, but training is available for interested participants.