Baptism marks our adoption into the Body of Christ. We welcome all persons desiring baptism to be baptized at St. Bartholomew's.  We offer baptism to persons of all ages and baptize through the sprinkling of water in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Baptisms are typically joyous celebrations at our Sunday Eucharists where the whole community welcomes and promises to support the newly baptized. If you are interested in baptism for yourself or your child, please contact Father Josh.


Confirmation is offered to baptized teenagers and adults who wish to make a mature declaration of faith before the Bishop of the Diocese. You may find more information here.


In Christian marriage, individuals enter into a life-long union, make their vows before God and their Christian community, and receive the grace and blessing of God to help them fulfill their vows. At St. Bartholomew's, we take marriage seriously and understand that loving and committed relationships are a gift from God. If you are interested in being married at St. B's, please contact Rev. Serena.


The occasion of a funeral or memorial service provides an opportunity for friends and family to gather and give thanks for a life and commend their loved one to the eternal love of God. One of the most moving services of the church is the Burial of the Dead (found in The Book of Common Prayer, p. 491–505). At a funeral service, the body or cremated remains are present; a memorial service is one where the remains are not present. Depending upon the family’s wishes and room availability, receptions following a funeral or memorial service may take place in Wallace Hall or the Gym.

If you wish for prayers for someone who has died and for a member of our clergy walk with you through the profound mystery of grief and loss, please contact Father Josh.