Room In The Inn

Every Saturday night from November through March, St. B's feeds and houses around 12 individuals experiencing homelessness for the night. Overnight hosts pick up a screened group of homeless guests from a downtown center and bring them back to the gym for the night. More than 140 St. B's volunteers provided 792 dinner, breakfast and lunch meals, drove 268 guests 396 miles, did 106 laundry loads, hosted 8families with children, and gave guests 47 books and 284 sets of new socks, t-shirts, underwear and jeans. We showed Christ’s love by listening to stories, telling ours, and sharing Jesus.


2020-2021 was St. B's 35th season. 

Opportunities to serve include:

• Drive the church vans downtown for pick up on Saturday evening and back again on Sunday morning.

• Prepare or Purchase a hot dinner.

• Host guests overnight by sleeping at St. B's.

• Provide grab-n-go lunch and breakfast items for the overnight hosts to serve. 

• Launder linens and towels each week.

Volunteers may choose to help with one or all of these tasks. 

For more information please contact Matt Poag at

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