The Hull of the Barque is community. Without it, there would be no Barque. Within it, the masts are secured, and from it, the sails are raised. Like the Ark in Genesis, the hull provides refuge, shelter, connection, and hope.

People come to St. B's for many reasons - the music, the liturgy, care for the poor, children's formation programs, etc. What keeps them is the people -- the community. 

In Acts 2, theologian, Bishop, Anglican, and Biblical scholar N.T. Wright calls the early church community "the new family." At St. B's, we think of ourselves as a family that is held together because of what God has done for us individually through Christ. We are a family that stays at the table though we may disagree and loves, cares for, and accepts one another—warts and all. We are also a family that celebrates and mourns together. 

Community is expressed through prayer, meals, visits, parties, hospitality, coffee on the porch, the gallery, smaller groups, and more.