Season of Gratitude & Generosity

Our annual Season of Gratitude and Generosity runs from Sunday, October 23 to Sunday, November 20.

Please join us in this intentional season of reflection and daily prayer. We invite you to give thanks to God for all that is good in your life and for all that we do here at St. B’s. And to be generous by making a promise of support for 2023.

  • We ask you to make a specific financial contribution to support God’s work at St. B’s in 2023. It helps us greatly to know in the fall of 2022 what our income will be in 2023, so that we can plan our budget.
  • We ask you to commit to engage with St. B’s, by offering your presence and participation in the life of our parish family.

Make your Promise of Support for next year at the button below

2023 Promise

Read Rev. Serena's letter

Stay the Course - God is Good

If you wake me each morning with the sound of your loving voice, I'll go to sleep each night trusting in you. Point out the road I must travel; I'm all ears, all eyes before you.
Ps. 143:8 The MSG

While St. B's certainly didn't face the enormity of David's difficulties, early in 2022 with Fr. Sammy's departure, God is still calling us to trust and to stay the course set before us. Ministries continue, and new individuals and families have chosen to make St. B's their home. We continue to be a place of gathering, prayer, worship, and healing. The work of seeking justice and reconciliation and serving those in need in our community continues. We have stayed the course in supporting one another during some highly challenging times at home and abroad. We are reminded to keep our ears and eyes on the One who sustains us even as we continue to search for a Rector. But isn't God faithful? We have heard the message to seek His loving voice and to rest assured that He is faithful and will point out the course we must travel. 

As we all consider our 2023 promise in this year's Season of Gratitude and Generosity, thank you for prayerfully considering your commitment of support of time, talent, and treasure. 

We can be confident that God knows the course He has for St. B's, and it is good.  

Rodger Dinwiddie
Stewardship Chair

View this year's accompanying brochure with highlights from 2023, the stewardship prayer, and this year's budget through the button below. Pick one up at the church or email us and we will send you one in the mail. 

Stay the course Brochure

Promise of Support 2023

How much you give is between you and God. Telling the church how much you are going to give (A Promise of Support) helps the church budget for the following year. 

Three Ways to Make Your Promise of Support for 2023

1. Pick up a card at the church and drop it in the mail, at the church office or in the offering plate on Sunday. 

2. Email or call the church office and we will send you one in the mail. 

2. Make your promise online through the button below. 

Promise of Support

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Promise of Support? Your opportunity to make known your intention to support St. Bartholomew's as God has led you. This information helps the vestry make informed financial decisions and ensure good stewardship of parish resources. A promise is also a mark of membership. It is a way of saying, "I'm in. St. B's is my home and my people."

How much should I Promise? The traditional Biblical amount is 10% of your annual income, but it can be any %. Start with 1% and grow from there. Another way to think about this is to promise enough so that you remember it each month: it’s not so small that you can forget about it and it’s not so large that you can’t sleep at night. Remember the spiritual act of giving is what matters.

What if I don’t know what next year holds?

We suggest that you go ahead and make a promise that you are comfortable with and that you think you may be able to reach. Please remember that as a church one of our founding principles is grace. If circumstances change, your promise can change, too.

How can I pay my promise? By check (mailed or put in the offering plate), online (using credit card or ACH), stock gift. Give through our online platform >>> here.

How can I set up recurring payments? Through your bank's online bill-pay or through St. B's online giving platform (Breeze) >>> here.

Do you accept pre-payments? Absolutely – please be sure to note with the gift the pledge year it should be associated with. 

What if I need to change my Promise of Support? We understand circumstances change, if you need to decrease or increase your Promise, just let us know. 

If you have further questions, please contact Parish Administrator, Teresa Robinson.