When someone you love dies...

It's hard to know what do when someone you love dies. Here are some basic practicalities that are useful to know.

If the death is at a hospital or other health care facility, please let the staff know. If the death occurs at home, you'll need a medical determination of death. Usually this means calling 911 and having your loved one transported to the hospital for confirmation and completion of a death certificate.

The hospital or health care provider will ask how you wish to take care of the body. If you haven't already, this is the time to retain a traditional burial, cremation, or natural burial service. If you plan to have a funeral service at St. B's or another church, what you need from one of these companies is called "direct cremation" or "direct burial." Once you've retained a company, let the staff of the hospital or health care provider know the name of the company so they can be in touch with it and arrangements will be made to remove the body. (If you plan for a natural burial, you will still need a traditional burial provider to remove the body and prepare for the natural burial.)  You should have time to say goodbye before the body is removed by the service provider. Your loved one's body will be transported by the funeral or cremation service and prepared for the funeral. If you chose to have your loved one cremated, you will have the option of receiving the cremains yourself or having St. B's receive the cremains immediately before the funeral service. If you choose a natural burial, they will receive the body from the funeral home prior to embalming. We have included the names of funeral, cremation, or natural burial services below. You do not have to use one of these. Their prices vary, as does their location.

Alternative Cremation and Funeral Services (reasonably priced) https://www.alternativecremationandfuneralservice.com/#

Nashville Cremation Center, https://www.nashvillecremationcenter.com/

Cremation Society of TN, https://www.cremationsocietyoftn.com/

Larkspur Conservation (for green/natural and reasonably priced burials), https://larkspurconservation.org/

Please also call our church office and ask for one of our priests. We can support you with prayers as your loved one is dying and immediately upon death. We will also help you plan the funeral service, if you would like. We offer columbarium niches for sale. Our main number is 615.377.4750.

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