Parish Prayer List

  • We pray for our justice ministry partners, especially the Sacred Ground participants and facilitators who met this fall, and for the staff, volunteers, and guests of Room in the Inn. For the church throughout the world to be equipped with compassion and love to do our work as ambassadors of reconciliation; for our country, city, and communities; that God will kindle in every heart a desire for equality, respect, and opportunity for all and the courage to strive for justice and peace for all people, beginning here at home.
  • Monday: Jennifer, Ellen, Dave, Gus, Donna, Kristina, Kari, Jim, Dennis, Elaine, Kaci, Inger

    Tuesday: Sarah, Marla, Monty, Linda, Jonathan, Ruth, Virginia, Debbie, Leonard, Diane, Julia, Michelle

    Wednesday: Charlie, Sharon, Eva, Kirk, Martin, Katey, Austin, Myra, David, Will, Jack, Tim

    Thursday: Diane, Bets, Rebecca, Beth, Paul, Andrew & Lisa, Lars, Emily, Angela, Gary, Diana, Bruce, Rita, Julia, 

    Friday: Jonathan & Jovy, Dave, Harrison, Caroline, Solveig, Marshall, Thomas, Ashley, Shannon, Nancy and Tom, Natalie

  • For all who work as Managers & Directors.
  • For our mission partners, especially John Allen and Nashville Fellows.
  • For those who serve with the Prayer Desk & Prayer Chain.