Room In The Inn

Every Saturday night from November through March, we feed and house the homeless for the night. Teams pick up a screened group of homeless guests from a downtown center and bring them back to the gym for the night. During the 2017-2018 season, Nashville area churches served more than 1,300 persons experiencing homelessness. At St. B's, 163 volunteers cared for 291 guests, including many families with young children. November of 2018 will begin St. B's 33rd season of offering food and shelter for people experiencing homelessness. 

Opportunities to serve include:

• Driving the church vans downtown for pick up on Saturday evening and back again on Sunday morning.

• Purchasing and preparing a hot dinner.

• Hosting guests overnight by sleeping at St. B's.

• Providing breakfast foods for the overnight hosts to serve. 

• Laundering linens and towels each week.

Volunteers may choose to help with one or all of these tasks. 

Sign up beginning in October as individuals, families, couples, supper clubs, or Bible studies. 

For more information please contact Jim Pichert at

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