Manna Ministries

The Manna Ministry at St. B’s provides food for individuals, couples, or families that are experiencing illness, as well as those with loved ones recently released from hospital care. This is a great way to use your culinary or take-out skills to help fellow St. B’s family members. 

To help provide meals, please contact Mindy Mumme at 615.589.2957 or

If have a pastoral need and meals would help, please contact Robert Smith at or Fr. Sammy Wood at

Newborn Families

This ministry provides six weeks of meals for the families with newborns upon their return home from the hospital. This ministry also provides meals for families upon the arrival of an adopted child.


If your family is expecting a new child, please contact Fr. Sammy at or Robert Smith at

If you would like to bring a meal or order take-out for a family with a newborn or adopted child, please contact Gaylene Latham at  615.333.9467 or