Giving Update, May 19, 2021

Dear St. B's family, 

Our staff, vestry, and finance committee continue their efforts to be faithful stewards of our parish’s resources in this unique season. With God’s provision and through your faithfulness, we are blessed to be in a secure financial position. While it is prudent to be conservative with spending decisions, we are not constrained such that it impacts our ministry.


After a slow start to the year, giving has increased somewhat over the last two months. As of May 1st, total year-to-date giving is slightly above both budget and 2020 levels, and expenses are slightly below both budget and 2020 levels.


In early April, the vestry approved a revised budget for 2021 to better reflect current trends in giving and expenses. The revised budget reduced expected expenses by almost $100,000 (6.6%) and closely aligns with 2020 giving levels. If total giving for this year is less than last year, we can fund this budget without significantly eroding our cash reserve. If giving increases over the course of the year, we have the flexibility to allocate additional money beyond what is currently budgeted.


Thank you for your support of St. B’s. 

David West, Jr.


P.S. Giving statements will be emailed on Thursday, May 27. If you have questions or don't receive one, please contact Teresa Robinson at