Our life together flows to and from the liturgy and sacraments. Our worship is grounded in the Book of Common Prayer, which saturates us in Holy Scripture, prayer, and music. From the ringing bell that begins our service to the dismissal after the final hymn, the Episcopal liturgy engages all our senses and our whole bodies. Though our worship is led from the front by priests and an altar team and from the back by musicians, we believe that our liturgy is the work of all the people. 

The Holy Eucharist, also called the Lord's Supper or the "Mass," is our principal act of worship on Sunday. Eucharist is the Greek word for thanksgiving, and in it, we offer and receive gifts, proclaim and listen, confess and are sent back into the world to love our neighbors. In addition to Eucharist, we gather almost daily for Morning Prayer, periodically for Evensong (sung Evening Prayer), and nightly online for Compline during Advent.

What to expect on an average Sunday.  

Morning Prayer

Sundays through Fridays at 7 a.m., we gather for Morning Prayer, also from the Book of Common Prayer. Morning Prayer may have been established in the abbeys and monasteries, and adapted for the laity by Thomas Cranmer, but its roots can be traced back to Judaic times. 

As part of the Daily Office, most of the liturgy in Morning Prayer remains the same, but the readings, psalms and canticles change daily. The service can be led by either laity or clergy. 

For those unable to attend Morning Prayer, the St. B's Daily email offers a condensed liturgy, the day's readings, and a reflection written by individuals in the St. B's family. Sign up to receive the St. B's Daily here

Liturgical Celebrations of Life

  • Baptism

  • Confirmation

  • Marriage

  • Funerals