Youth Formation

The purpose of St. B’s Youth Formation is to invite youth to become mature Christ followers. 

Hey Youth and Families, 

We have been working hard over here to get ready to welcome everyone back for an awesome fall! I am jazzed to get to welcome our youth back into the youth room for Sunday Morning Formation, get some trips on our calendar, and have some fun. You can take a look at all of our planned activities by clicking on this link.  

We are also asking all families to register their youth for Youth Formation this August. You can register them here or in between church services on August 8, 15, and 23. 

Alysha and the Youth Formation Team


We want to be a community who love Christ, discuss the hard questions together, and actively participate in the life of the Church as we are all formed into mature Christians. 

We are hosting our last Wednesday Bible Study and Open Gym from 12:30 to 4pm on August 28. Youth are invited to bring their lunch (we’ll eat outside) and then, we’ll head inside to study the book of James together. There will be plenty of time for a game and hang out with peers as well.

This is a drop in style group, so come when you’re available. We are asking that all youth register here if they are interested in joining us!

We'll return on September 12 for Sunday Morning Formation! We can’t wait to jump into a Fall study of “Castaways” of the Bible. We’ll take a look at different people who were castaways from their homelands to discover what God had in store for them and what God could have in store for us when we enter new spaces and seasons. And yes, our series is named after that Tik Tok song, not the Tom Hanks movie.


We want to be a community that is bonded by fun and fostered through relationships; therefore, we are making community building and fun cornerstones of who we are as a Youth community. 


On August 22nd from 4:30 to 8 pm, we’re going to watch the first Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone! We’ll be in Wallace Hall for our movie night, enjoy an intermission pizza dinner, and have some snacks straight from Diagon Alley. Bring a friend and lawn chair or blanket to sit on if you want a comfier seat. Register here to save your seat.

Worship God


We want to bless and pray for all students and educators as they begin a new school year. We will do this at both the 9:30 and 11 services on Sunday, August 8. If you would like to bring a backpack or another object that represents your new school year, please do, and we will bless it, as well.


All youth are invited to serve as Acolytes in our services. If your youth would like to participate, email Dr. Bev Mahan ( for more information.


Youth are also able to participate as readers in the service! If your student is interested, please email Alysha for more information!

Adult Leaders

Our formation experience is guided by weekly adult mentors and youth sponsors. Our weekly youth adult mentors serve on Sunday mornings during our formation hour, join us for fun events, and help mentor our youth. Youth sponsors are our “gap fillers” who join us when our regularly scheduled leaders can’t be at fun events or joining us on Sunday mornings. Both roles are vitally important to the flourishing of our youth program. 

All staff and volunteers with children are required to have a background inquiry investigation conducted by the Diocese and the State of Tennessee. They are also required to complete Safeguarding God's Children.

If you are interested, please look at our Weekly Youth Leader description and Youth Sponsors description.


Every year, we host panels for parents to come together, get resourced and have conversations around leading their kids well. Parents of Seniors meet annually to discuss launching their kids and transitioning from a coach to a general manager of their young adults in those first few months of college.

If you're the parent of a Senior, you can take a look at our Senior Parent Resource here.

Contact Us

If you have questions about Youth Formation at St. B's, please contact Alysha Moroni, Director of Youth Formation, at .